Get Colorado Red Cards for Medical Marijuana Marijuana Prohibition Ends in Colorado, Finally!

Cannabis & Marijuana News... MMJ Dispensaries, Doctors & Red Cards in Colorado, First in World to End Pot Prohibition!

Today, In Colorado Marijuana Is Legal and Available to Any Adult, It's About Time!

Besides Recreational Marijuana, Colorado authorizes Medical Marijuana. Proven effective and safe it can be prescribed for chronic pain, glaucoma, wasting disease and many other medical problems like cancers, PTSD, dementia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, tremors, and other nerve-involved illnesses. There are hundreds of strains of powerful marijuana available today.

Colorado medical marijuana patients can legally possess two ounces of marijuana, and grow six plants. Today! Colorado Is the First Ever Worldwide to End the Stupid Marijuana Prohibition. Now adults can purchase one ounce at a time, and grow six plants! Common sense wins in beautiful Colorado!

Latest Marijuana News & Opinion:

There's No Doubting Health Benefits of Cannabis

The question is no longer which disease cannabis can cure, but which disease can’t it cure?  - read article -

CO Mtn. Town to Open Country’s First Cannabis Club

Club Ned, as the café will be called, will open in the next few weeks in the mountain town of Nederland.  - read article -

Weed Could Stop H.I.V. No, Really.

Part of the issue, now that a study such as this one could technically be performed in Colorado or Washington, is the stopgap on government funding.  - read article -

US Issues 'Cannabis Cash' Guidelines to Banks

The US government has offered guidance to banks that want to accept deposits from marijuana sellers, lowering their risk of prosecution.  - read article -

How Cannabis Oil Kills Cancer THC and CBD are biomimetic - the body uses both interchangeably  - read article -
Plan A 'Weedcation' To Not Get Busted They've heard all the "Rocky Mountain high" jokes already, thanks.  - read article -
Court Upholds Firing Off-The-Job MMJ User Court says pot smokers can be fired, even in Pot-Legal Colorado.  - read article -
Sick Kid's Families Flock to CO For Pot New treatments using cannabis may help kids with seizure-related conditions like epilepsy.  - read article -
US Fuels Legal Pot Efforts Worldwide Mexico City lawmakers propose new plan to let stores sell pot.  - read article -
Getting Hard For Feds To Lie About Pot Drug czar is getting a quick lesson about accountability.  - read article -
DEA Chief Slams Obama's Pot Remarks Leonhart staunchly opposes mainstreaming marijuana use.  - read article -
Ending Pot War: Obama’s Chance for Legacy Winding down the federal war on pot would be popular with voters.  - read article -

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